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My partner, Adrie, and me, Erik, live in the country side of Zeeland. Adrie is native to Zeeland, I'm from Rotterdam. My parents gave my brother and me, on my 7th birthday, a Keeshond puppy, named Beer. He lived to 17.5 years of age. That's how I fell in love with this breed and the reason I'm dragging Adrie into the breed as well.  I like the showing and breeding, Adrie likes the companionship of the dogs. I am sure he would like it if there are puppies but he is not a show kind of guy and totally not into grooming.

Seventeen years ago I went to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a work exchange program for 3.5 years. There was a dog show in Calgary and I was so proud to see a Dutch breed there, my first "Canadian" Keeshond. It was a dog sired by a Keesbrook dog and I really liked its type.  However, I became the proud owner of Jolyn's Vlaardingse Bor and Cinnakees Windchime. I came in contact with Gus and Audry, who owned the dog I saw at the show and I was able to find out more about  him and the breeder of the sire.  When I went back to the Netherlands I took my dogs with me. Bor became a multiple group winner in the Netherlands. He and Ola had two litters and one of those puppies I kept and she was our old girl, Dunyah, who passed away recently at well over 14 years.

Then life threw some obstacles in my path which I have now left behind me. I would like to now start over again with my partner, Adrie, obtaining and breeding the type of dogs we really like, with the Keesbrook lines if possible. We have had a successful start,  with Kiwi our foundation, and have now added a wonderful young male, Frenkie, as well as two exciting young females, Bea born here at Kees uit de plders and IvEE, a new baby from Keesbrook Kennel.type.
Adrie and Erik