Kiwi is a very agile and athletic dog, jumping from the ground up on a dyke post just for fun.
All our dogs enjoy relaxing on the patio with us. Kiwi, Frenkie, Bea and Ivee all have wonderful temperaments and love their toys and chewies.
The windmill in these photos was near our previous house. There are no windmills near our new house but are abundant in the small towns nearby.
Adrie has suddenly displayed a talent for designing gardens. Here my mother (above), my father and Adrie (below), and me (left) are working hard in our new garden. It will be a garden for the dogs to play and for us to sit and relax.
Everyday we are able to take the dogs on walks along the Oosterschelde on the dykes. At least once a week they get to go to the sandy beach. Kiwi, Frenkie, Bea and baby Ivee all enjoy the water and digging in the sand. We are so fortunate to live so close to these wonderful places.